Royal Star's successful Loyalty Program does not rely solely on a low price strategy. We complement our program with value-added enhancements that appeal to a broad base of customers. Our enhancements are unique in the market place and create in-store excitement. All enhancements are designed to encourage repeat visits driving your sales.

Our program can include associate sponsorship, vendor support and a revenue stream.

Royal will not only set-up your store with innovative styrene trim (posters/mobiles etc.), we will also train your staff (easy to understand managers manuals and cashier instructions) and review your program's cost/impact/marketing strategy and ensure that enhancements are implemented in a timely, high-impact manner, including artwork, ad slicks, radio ads, etc. FOUND IN OUR DETAILED ENHANCEMENT MANUAL!

Implement different enhancements each quarter through our accredited marketing and graphics team.

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Community Service
Instant Wins
Kids Club

Seasonal Themes
Vendor Support

Multi Language
Associate Sponsorship
In-store Gift Certificates

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